Impact 25 was launched in 2014 in order to recognise the inspirational people in Australia's social sector that do amazing and often unrecognised work."  

Karen Mahlab AM, Founder








Every day, the team at Pro Bono Australia hear stories of inspiring individuals making significant impact in the social sector. From this the desire grew to recognise the important work done in the community, that often goes unnoticed and unthanked. 

The Impact 25 Awards were launched in 2014 to create a platform for peers in the sector to offer this influential recognition. 


Since then, Impact 25 has grown into an esteemed accolade recognising the most influential people in the Australian social sector, as voted by their peers.


Each year, Pro Bono Australia recognises and honours extraordinary people who take action for the needs of their communities and are positive influences on the lives of those around them, often without recognition or thanks.  These awards were developed to create a platform for the social community to celebrate the people who embody the values of the sector.

Right: 2019 Impact 25 winner Melissa Monteiro

The social sector covers all those people working for the common good. They can sit in not-for-profit organisations, corporations, government, social enterprises or simply be notable individuals.

Some of Australia’s best-known CEOs, politicians, advocates and innovators, along with students and refugees, have been recognised in previous years for their influence on a sector that accounts for 4.3 per cent of Australia’s GDP and employs over one million people.


Pro Bono Australia is again calling on our sector to recognise those individuals who have worked tirelessly to create positive impact in a year full of turmoil. 


"Being an Impact 25 winner has enabled a platform for healthy and serious conversation across the social economy. I’ve worn the award as a proud badge, not just for my own efforts, but for those who work and support the sector. Awards aren’t necessarily something we set out to achieve, but they provide recognition, stature and commendation. Which carries weight to your voice. It’s been a challenging year in 2020, particularly during COVID-19, but what I noticed about these awards, is recipients tend to press on and fight the good fight. As a winner you join an esteemed list of superb leaders across the social economy. "

Left: 2019 Impact 25 winner Ben Vasiliou



The public nominates up to two individuals that they believe should be recognised for their positive impact. 


In the 2019 awards, 390 nominations were made, with the top 150 chosen from these nominees. 






A list of 150 nominees will be released for a public vote.

Pro Bono Australia will create this list from the pool of all submitted nominations. Every effort will be made to create a list of nominees that we believe accurately represents the spirit of the awards and the work being done in the sector, with a view to streamlining the voting process.

You will then vote for up to three of the nominated individuals. The 25 nominees with the most votes will be crowned the Impact 25 award winners.



In addition to the opportunity to be voted by the sector as one of Pro Bono Australia's Impact 25, each nominee will be eligible to win one of three judges choice awards. From the final 25 award winners, our panel of esteemed judges will choose one winner for each of the following three categories: Innovation, Influence, and Collaboration.


Impact 25 is an initiative of Pro Bono Australia. 

Pro Bono Australia is one of Australia’s first social businesses. Since 2000 we have provided media, jobs, education, skilled volunteering and other resources for the common good. In 2015, we helped over one million people across Australia.


Certified in 2013 as a B Corp organisation, today we act as the central online hub for the not for profit sector, the broader social economy and those wanting to engage with it.


The name Pro Bono comes from the Latin term Pro Bono Publico – meaning "for the public, or common good".

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